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You can create 100's of different shakes!
Our Milkshakes are all made using a neutral flavored Ice cream which is then blended with your choice of chocolate bars, candies, cookies, cakes and lots more.

Milkshake catergories
If you're not feeling that creative we have already created some amazing shakes for you and put them into the following categories:
Famous shakes, Super Shakes, Favorite shakes, UK Shakes, Coffee shakes, Classic shakes, Fruit shakes, Ice shakes and Boba shakes.

Why do our shakes taste so good?
The simple answer is ingredients and process.
We only use the best ice cream from a local dairy, our chocolates and candies are fresh in their packets and only opened when we make a milkshake.
Our shake-ologists have been trained how to make each individual shake, including the right amount of ingredients, timing and presentation.
This is the only way Sticks and Shakes can gurantee that it wil probably be the best shake you have ever had!

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